Global Sustainable Development

What is Global Sustainable development? This development is what we call the development to of ways on how to preserve the greenness and cleanliness of the earth to maintain the earth’s resources. To sustain means to prolong. Therefore, sustainable development means finding solutions to keep the earth environment alive including resources, and nature. As you know, everything on this earth is temporary, not a single thing is permanent. This is why there should be an environmental awareness in order to be bale to keep the life on this earth going. Being aware of the environment means that we have to keep think of the future and not the present only. We know that the environment can be destroyed someday if we do not take care of it. Why not join the movement for sustainable development?

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A lot of host from different nations around the world have launched this movement in order to make known to people what has to be done for the future. If this place is deteriorated, where will the the sons and daughters of the future generation be staying and how can they live in in case? We as of now are enjoying the present status of the environment. However, we can still see the manifestations that the environment is crying. For example, there have been thousands of animal species  going extinct or endangered. What does this mean? This is a that their habitat is getting destroyed. Aside from that, these animals could no longer reproduce because of abuse. In this case, what should humans, the lord of all creation do?